Making a lasting impression
Making a lasting impression
Making a lasting impression
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Sheet Separator
Sheet Separator

This magnificent machine is built with one aim-to provide ease of operation and faster processing of laminated sheets from the smallest of end-users to the largest of trade laminators.

The very latest innovation in post lamination technology, LAMINATED SHEET SEPARATOR separates/desheets two laminated sheets from the point  of  overlap  with  perfect   reginstration and  alignment.   It  is   an

essential machine for high speed post lamination  desheeting, fast change  around and fast  set-up. It fulfills the needs of all laminating trade houses.
¤ Reel to Sheet System
¤ Off-line Sheet Separator
¤ One-man operation
¤ Variable Speed Drive
¤ Digital Sheet Counter
¤ Collecting Table
¤ Stock ready for immediate further processing/finishing
 Max. Sheet Width  800mm (32”)
 Max. Desheeting Speed  30 m/min
 Power  2 H.P. Variable Speed, 220/240 volts, Single phase
(Larger / customized sizes also available)
(Design and specifications are not binding due to constant improvements)
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